Like most people who enjoy wine, I kept my wines in the kitchen. I was starting to be more openminded the more I began to appreciate what I was drinking. My home is not air conditioned, & even though I live in Helsinki, summertime can be rather hot, which trust me, doesn’t bode well with a bottle of Barolo.

The basement of the building where I live is quite cool, & throughout the year its usually 15º – 18º, which is better than a steady 25º in the kitchen. So my aim was to keep all my wines down there, seven floors down, in the basement, which is now my wine cellar.

So welcome to my wine cellar project. Im going to share a lot of information on wines, tasting purchasing within Europe & other little tit-bits that may help you along the way.

Please feel free to follow & send questions or comments as I go along.